• Exercise Your Mind – Starting June 23 “Your Amazing Brain” at 7:00 PM

    brainHere at the Minor our summer theme for both adults and children is
    Exercise.  Whether you are exercising your mind by reading, trying something new, or quieting things down by meditating, or if you are exercising your body, our programs are designed to help you make the most of your summer, and have fun too!

    Science is showing that mind and body work together at all ages, and a good balance between mental and physical stimulation will help to keep us mentally alert and physically fit, no matter what our age.

    On June 23, we will get an introduction to the brain and how understanding what it does and how we can keep it healthy and fit will help us to learn, to retain what we’ve learned, and to slow the aging process.

    If you are hoping to get starting with an exercise regimen in 2016, we are offering a number of different ideas for you to try out.  To amplify the topic of each week, we offer you some links to extend your exploration of ideas and strategies to Exercise Your Mind.

    This week to get you started, here’s Jill Bolte Taylor talking about her “Stroke of Insight” on TedTalks. As a neurologist, she understands the brain. As a stroke survivor, she understands the brain from the inside out.  Enjoy!



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