The Minor Memorial Annual Fund Drive

Dear Library Supporters,

This coming year promises to be an exciting year for our Library and Community as Minor Memorial Library will celebrate its 30th Anniversary next summer.

Looking back, Roxbury has a long and illustrious history of supporting its library. It all started in October 1896 with our first public library at the back of the old town hall (now the Senior Center). Then in 1937, a generous donation allowed for the building of the cozy Hodge Memorial Library in the center of town.  That small 1,941 square foot building was bursting at the seams so, with an incredible groundswell of support from the entire community and a donation of land from the Bernhardt family, the Minor Memorial Library was opened in 1994.

For 127 years a Roxbury Public Library has been here for you and because of you. On behalf of the entire library team (staff, Board, Friends, and volunteers), we thank you for your decades of support. With eyes towards the future, we’re excited for what’s to come.

See you at the Library,

Teresa Roxburgh, Executive Director

On the Trail – Summer Concert

We Need Your Help

Your generous support enables Minor Memorial Library to provide the many books, ebooks, videos, newspapers and reading programs we do for you and your family. Your contributions help to provide arts and cultural events, and special programs throughout the year, including the Summer Concerts, pop-up pubs, and guided tours of museums both here in Connecticut and abroad.

Your generosity provides needed funds to meet our 2023/2024 budgetary needs and makes our work on your behalf possible.  While the Town does provide substantial funds for the Library, and the Friends of the Roxbury Public Library do provide generous funds for special programs, books and movies, we still rely on you, our patrons, for a substantial part of our budget.

Going forward, as we look to celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Minor Memorial Library, we are tweaking and enhancing our five year strategic plan to better meet your needs in the coming five years!

Your donation makes it possible for our wonderful Director, staff and many volunteers to continue offering the finest in small town library services for you and your family.

Thank you for your generous support of our Roxbury Public Library.

Halloween Trunk or Treat

~Kathleen Keefe, Board Member, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Roxbury Public Library.

Cynthia Newby, Chair
Ciara Gorglione
Buzz Turner

Tovah Martin
Lynn Homberg
Pamela Southworth
Joan Stracks
Steve Meier

Pop-Up Pub at the Hodge


56% from the Town of Roxbury. This year’s contribution is $130,681
15% draw from Endowment and Savings Funds
9% from the Friends of the Roxbury Library
5% from Grants and Art Show commissions
Generous contributions…

The remaining 15% of the budget comes from this annual fund drive. Your contributions to this portion of the budget are crucial to the life of the Library.

Ghost Writer – play reading


58% payroll
17% maintenance and utilities
9% automation
8% circulation materials
5% on adult and children’s programs, supplies, and fundraising
3% equipment, postage, etc.


Summertime Chalk Fun


35% of Roxbury residents are active card holders, including almost 70 new members in the past year. With a collection of close to 40,000 items and the ability to use your library card anywhere in the state, there is something for everyone. Our collection includes thousands of downloadable e-books and audiobooks that can be accessed with your library card from practically everywhere using the LIBBY app. And now, thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Library, our patrons can access HOOPLA for instant (no waitlist!) e-books, audiobooks, movies, music, and more!

E-books, museum passes, the newest releases in books and movies, it’s all here! Click HERE or stop in to sign up for a library card and to learn more about what the Library has to offer.


Thank You for your support!