The Minor Memorial Annual Fund Drive


Dear Library Supporters,

This past year has been a surprising one in many ways. It seemed like every day brought something new and kept us on our toes. I cannot begin to thank our incredible staff, volunteers, Board, Friends, and community enough for their inventiveness, flexibility, and just being there. I feel fabulously lucky to have friendly faces to say hello to on a daily basis and to be able to help organize events that bring people together.

This year we welcomed some new faces to our library family including Isabel Elsinga, our new Adult Program Coordinator, who has planned some fantastic events for us. We also have begun coordinating and cross-promoting events with our fellow Shepaug libraries in Washington and Bridgewater. Being a Director of a small library in a small town, I’m a firm believer in collaboration. By working together with our neighbors and other community organizations we can do more to serve you, our patrons.

Our mission is to “enrich the lives of the Roxbury community…”  Being a member of the Library (both as its Director and as a Roxbury resident) has certainly brought me joy and I hope that the Library is making a positive impact on your life as well.

All the Best,

Teresa Roxburgh, Library Director



We Need Your Help

Your generous support enables Minor Memorial Library to provide the many books, ebooks and reading programs it does for you and your family. Your contributions help us to provide arts and cultural events, and special programs throughout the year.

Your generosity provides needed funds to meet our 2021/2022 budgetary needs and makes our work on your behalf possible. While the Town does provide substantial funds for the Library, and the Friends of the Roxbury Public Library provides funding for books, movies and special programs, we RELY on our Patrons for a good part of our budget to continue to provide you with the finest in small town library services.

Your donation not only helps cover the budget needs, it also makes it possible for the Director, the Staff, and our many volunteers to continue to provide fun and interesting online and outdoor programs for you and your family, throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Please visit our donation page HERE where you can conveniently donate online with a credit card.

Thank you, our Donors, for your generous support of your Town Library.

~Kathleen Keefe, Board Member, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Roxbury Public Library.

Cynthia Newby, Chair, Jeff Bennett, Ciara Gorglione, Alan Johnson, Lynn Homberg, Pamela Southworth, Joan Stracks, Steve Meier



57% from the Town of Roxbury. This year’s contribution is $125,000
16% draw from Endowment and Savings Funds…
7% from the Friends of the Roxbury Library
4% from Grants and Art Show commissions

Generous contributions….
The remaining 16% of the budget comes from this annual fund drive. Your contributions to this portion of the budget are crucial to the life of the Library.




58% payroll
14% maintenance and utilities
10% on adult and children’s programs, supplies, and fundraising
8% automation
7% circulation materials
3% internet, phones, fax, etc.



40% of Roxbury residents are card holders, including almost 60 new patrons in the past year. With a collection of close to 40,000 items and the ability to use your library card anywhere in the state, there is something for everyone. Our collection includes thousands of downloadable e-books and audiobooks that can be accessed with your library card from practically everywhere.

E-books, museum passes, the newest releases in books and movies, it’s all here! Explore our website or stop in to sign up for a library card and to learn more about what the Library has to offer.


Thank You for your support!