Countless volunteer hours save countless dollars; we couldn’t do without either. In fact, volunteer labor is valued at almost $27 per hour in Connecticut – so volunteers have a real impact on small rural libraries like the Minor Memorial. Our volunteers, however, are more than just a bottom line. They have devoted hours, sometimes years to helping us in all aspects of our mission. We thank them and so should you. They are (in alphabetical order):

Renee David, Minor Memorial and Hodge Library volunteer

Connie Eaton, Minor Memorial staff

Joanne Goldfarb, Minor Memorial staff

Bill Greene, Building and Grounds maintenance

Paula Lazeski, Community & Studio Gallery Curator

DeDee Mathieu, Hodge Memorial volunteer

Maureen McWeeney, Minor Memorial staff

Georgette Miller, Flower pots and Hodge Library volunteer

Jan Napier, Minor Memorial staff

Patrick Roy, Hodge Memorial volunteer