Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program 2021

June 11 – July 31

How Does the Reading Program Work?

  • Sign up at the Library or at the Kick-Off event at Hurlburt Park
  • Log the books you read to earn prizes!
  • Visit the library and check out books to earn raffle prizes. Prizes will be raffled every week!

What events are happening?

Summer Reading Kick Off @ Hurlburt Park June 11th 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Balloons, Magic, Music, Food, Dunk Tank, Ice Cream and more!
Sign up for the Summer Reading Program – read books, earn prizes, weekly raffles, prize box!

Water, Weed, Harvest, Read Mondays June 14th – July 26th @ 3:30 pm

Children tend the Roxbury Community Garden (located at the Senior Center), eat what they harvest, and are read books reflecting the weekly theme.

Outdoor Storytime Fridays June 18th – July 30th @ 11:00 am

Bubbles, books, rhymes, finger play, movement, parachute& crafts. Preschool, siblings welcome.


Follow “Joey’s Trail” while reading a book. Each book will be available for two weeks.

Math Walks

Every two weeks. Stroll along the library patio & solve math problems.


Saturday Entertainment

Bubblemania @ Town Hall June 19 @ 11:30 am

“Casey Carle Crowned International Champion Bubble Artist in Tokyo”
“Artist World Circus Festival Awards Casey Carle Comic Bubble Artist”
“Casey Carle makes a bubbly debut at Lincoln Center with ‘Aerialists, Athletes & Arpeggios!”
“Casey Carle adds effervescence to Cirque du Soleils’ The Beatles LOVE”

Magic June 26th @11:30 am

“Tom O’Brien… magical experiences and sensational presentations.”
“Tom O’Brien creates baffling effects and illusions with extraordinary and comedic results.”

 Blue Moon Raptors July 3rd @11:30

Meet live raptors. Learn about the important role they play in our ecosystem, and what we can do to preserve the environment so raptors may continue to enrich our planet.

Lollipop Opera Mad Lib-retto! July 10th @ 11:30

Lollipop Opera, provides entertaining opera performances for children.  The audience is asked for nouns, verbs, etc., which are used “Mad-Lib style, in the ensuing live performance. As in Mad-Libs, the incongruity of the provided words with the existing libretto produce a comic effect. The operatic singers have sung with numerous companies, including: CT Opera, CT Lyric Opera, Virginia Opera, Queens Opera, Crystal Opera, Opera Theatre of CT, Amarante’s, The Producing Guild, The Warner Theater, Seven Angels Theater, and Mystic Stage.

Slimy & Scaly July 17th @ 11:30

Explore and touch the world of reptiles and amphibians. Live snakes, turtles, frogs and lizards are presented. Discover the differences between the two groups, learn how they grow up, and have a chance to touch many live slimy and scaly creatures.

 “Manuelo the Playing Mantis” July 24th @ 11:30

Waterbury Symphony cellist Rebecca Patterson performs. One warm summer evening, a lonely praying mantis named Manuelo listens to the music of an outdoor concert.  Manuelo wishes that he, too, could make music like the crickets and the katydids.  But the instruments he makes don’t play.  Then Manuelo meets someone who shows him how to fashion a cello using a walnut shell, a stick, and a special ingredient.  Manuelo makes his first true friend and, together, they create the music they both love.

Caravan Puppets “Tails of Tales”& Summer Finale July 31st @ 11:30  

“Jonathan is a masterful creative talent. His shows are funny and contain a message that is always situated in a funny and very entertaining story. His puppets are often made out of unusual materials – they are visually arresting and capture the children’s imagination, inspiring them to make puppets and to have puppet shows.”

Keezing (also a trained musician), has said that “puppetry is his favorite medium for working with children because it brings sculpture, drama and music together.”

Summer Reading Finale… cake and prizes for all.


Weekly Raffle Prizes