Book Group

Monday, January 6th, 5:30pm

Amy Stewart’s Miss Kopp series is based on the true exploits of New Jersey’s first female detective, Constance Kopp.
In Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit, Constance is transporting a woman to an insane asylum when she discovers something deeply troubling about her story.  Before she can investigate, another inmate bound for the asylum breaks free and tries to escape.  Constance is trying to find justice in both cases, but 1916 is a high stakes election year, and any move she makes could jeopardize Sheriff Heath’s future and her own.  Even though Constance is not on the ballot, her controversial career makes her the target of political attacks.
Amy Stewart vividly recreates the life and times of this real not-to-be-messed-with heroine as she attempts to solve her cases and keep her job.