The Minor Memorial Annual Fund Drive


Dear Library Supporters,

If you have ever stepped foot in a library, you have witnessed a remarkable social experiment. Though it may not appear that way at first glance, a parent and child reading together or a man checking out a book, activities that might seem mundane, are actually transformative. We already know how essential social interaction is to our health as we age. Public libraries, by definition, are among the best places in the world to find that interaction. We often see friends, family, and neighbors at the library, but because our doors are open to everyone we may also connect with people who are wholly different from ourselves. Places like this are rare but so incredibly important.

Public libraries could even be considered a place to elevate your overall well-being. A recent study commissioned by U.K.’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport found a considerable correlation between frequent library use and reported happiness. The essence of the research showed that people who are culturally engaged in their communities also tend to be more content. With that in mind, take a closer look the next time you find yourself in our public library. You’re witnessing a small miracle of modern life.

All the Best,
Teresa Roxburgh, Library Director



We Need Your Help

Please give as generously as you can. The importance of our local public libraries can sometimes be overlooked, but they are integral to the structure of a community. Especially in small towns like ours, public libraries fill several roles: community centers, information hubs, even (on occasion) as the “village local.”

As the principal public library of Roxbury we receive generous support from the Town as well as the Friends of the Roxbury Library (who provide funding specifically for library books, movies, and programs for all ages), but we need to fortify those funds to make our 2019/2020 budget. Advocacy here at home is vital.

As we look ahead to 2020 we are incredibly excited for everything the Library has in store. Your donation will enable us to meet our operating expenses, to offer more programs and resources, and continue to improve and adapt. On behalf of everyone on the Library staff and the Board of Trustees, we thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Please visit our donation page HERE where you can conveniently donate online with a credit card.

~Cynthia Newby, Chairwoman, on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Roxbury Public Library

Jeff Bennett, Mark Cohagen, Ciara Gorglione, Alan Johnson, Kathleen Keefe, Mary Schinke, Pamela Southworth, Joan Stracks



  • 51% from the Town of Roxbury. This year’s contribution is $117,400.
  • 20% interest from Endowment and Savings Funds. The Library’s Endowment/Savings funds are conservatively managed by Bernstein Investment Research and Management, part of Alliance Capital Management.
  • 7% from the Friends of the Roxbury Library. The Friends are a separate non -profit entity, organized and run by energetic and committed community members. The Friends of the Roxbury Library send out an annual membership letter and host the annual book sale at the Hodge. The funds they raise are used to purchase the books and movies that fill the library’s shelves as well as on programs for adults and children.
  • 4% from the Booth Free School Grant.
  • Generous contributions of time from our volunteers. Our library is a better place because of their efforts.

The remaining 18% of the budget comes from this annual fund drive as well as art show commissions. Your contributions to this portion of the budget are crucial to the life of the Library.




62% payroll including a full time Director, part time staff, and an outside bookkeeper
14% on maintenance and utilities
9% on automation services
6% on circulation materials (mostly funded by the Friends of the Roxbury Library)
6% on miscellaneous costs (cost of fundraising, business expenses, computer equipment)
3% internet, phones, fax, etc.



About 40% of Roxbury residents are card holders, including 66 new patrons in the past year. With a collection of about 40,000 items and the ability to use your library card anywhere in the state, there is something for everyone.

Last year we added a Roku to our collection so our patrons can try different streaming services and learn what it’s like to “cut the cord”. Last year we hosted 140 events that brought in over 3,000 people from all over western Connecticut.

E-books, museum passes, the newest releases in books and movies, it’s all here! Explore our website or stop in to sign up for a library card and to learn more about what the Library has to offer.


Thank You for your support!



Over the past year the Library has been busy planning events, collaborating with
other local organizations, and trying new things. Here are some of the things
we’ve been up to:
● Studio Stars: An art show celebrating 25 years of the Minor Memorial Library.
This was one of our most successful events ever. A huge Thank You to
everyone who joined in the fun!
● Our new Calder sculpture “Angulaire”.
● Pop-Up Pubs at the Hodge. Special thanks to all of the local breweries that
have donated beer!
● 152 programs with 3754 attendees
● Over 15,000 library visitors who checked out 18,479 items.
● Land & Culture and Our Water in Our Environment. Two series in partnership
with the Roxbury Conservation Commission and Roxbury Land Trust.
● Through a Different Lens a film series with the Institute for American Indian
● Water, Weed, Harvest, Read at the newly refreshed Roxbury Community
Legacy Garden.
● Monthly visits to the Library with the students of Booth Free School.
New Services and Improvements:
● A Roku featuring Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Acorn. Free to check out
with your library card. Give streaming a try! Disney+ coming soon.
● More e-books than ever! Last year we had a whopping 50% increase in
e-book and e-audiobook checkouts.
● Electric car charging station behind the Library.
● A make-over for our Community Studio. Fresh paint, new blinds, and acoustic
paneling. Funded by proceeds from the fabulous 2017 Kitchen Tour.



2019 will be hard to beat, but we are excited to try! Some things to look forward
to as we head into 2020:
● Sign-up for a library card online. Fill out the form on our website then bring in
your photo ID and proof of Roxbury residency. We’ll have your card ready!
● Plan of Renovation for the Hodge Library. Thanks to a grant from the
Connecticut Office of Historic Preservation we’re working on plans to make the
Hodge better than ever.
● Joey’s Trail. The Conservation Commission will be improving the beautiful
trail behind the Library connecting us with the Senior Center and Booth Free
● More Pop-up Pubs at the Hodge!
● The brand new After School Club, a monthly program especially for our 4th and
5th graders.