Library Board

Membership to the Library Board is by Town election. The Board consists of nine members, and elections are held every other year. Board members are elected to a term of six years and three members are elected at a time.

The current Board members are:

Timothy Beard, Chair
Cynthia Newby, Treasurer
Pamela Southworth, Secretary

Kerri Arsenault
George Feifer
Mari Frohne
Jeff Krizan
Meg Mongin
Joan Stracks

Minutes of the Meeting of the Library Board of Trustees – November 10,2014–These Minutes were approved at the January 12, 2015 meeting of the Board. 





November 10, 2014




Timothy Beard, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 5:01 P. M.

Board of Trustees Present: Tim Beard, Meg Mongin, Pam Southworth, Mari Frohne, Joan Stracks and George Feifer

Library Director: Valerie Annis

Friends of the Library: Arlene Kershnar



Secretarys Report – Minutes of  Meeting October 15, 2014

A motion was made to approve the Minutes of the 10/15/14 meeting as written. Motion by Pam Southworth, seconded by Joan Stracks and carried unanimously.


Treasurers Report October, 2014

The Treasurer’s Report as of 10/31/14 was distributed and reviewed.


Directors Report October, 2014

The Director’s report was distributed and reviewed. The many programs held in October were commented upon.


Friends of the Library Report Meeting October 27, 2014

Arlene Kershnar reported that the newsletter will be released after Thanksgiving. The Ghostly Photographs program sponsored by the FOL was well attended. The next Friends meeting will be held 11/21/14. There will be no meeting December. The Friends Members Contact List was distributed.



Art Committee

Update on Mark Isolda exhibit “Field & Farm” –   Mari Frohne reported the one piece was sold from this show.

Opening of Liz Alpert Fay & Kimberly Day Proctor exhibit – “Familiar Paths” – November 8, 2014 – 2 – 4 p.m.

The Board agreed that this is a beautiful show, which had a great opening. There are no sales to report to date. This show will be up through January 3rd.

Building & Grounds

Window frame repair- complete

Basement door replacement- complete

Library painting and repair or replacement of stucco- Pam Southworth reported that water issues are causing the problems with the stucco and she is looking into options regarding this matter.

Painting of art cubes- complete

Power- washing terrace railing- complete. The terrace patio will be power-washed in the spring.

Replacement of terrace lantern lights- It was agreed that the replacement of the terrace lantern lights and the children’s room lights will be looked into.

Update on C.L. &P. claim for 2/26/14 “smoke event”- in progress

By-laws & Policies- Valerie Annis recommended that it would be a good idea to review the By-Laws and Policies for any necessary updating.


Development: Update on Annual appeal mailing- It was reported that Cynthia Newby is working on getting out the appeal.

Finance: 1st quarter (FY 14-15) Review – hand-out: Cash Flow – Actual vs. Budget July through September was distributed and reviewed. Valerie Annis noted that Adult Activities have increased and reminded the Board that they now have a new coordinator. The Friends help with the reimbursement of these activities.


Meg Mongin was seated at 5:35 p.m.



Review of recent programs

10/23 @ 6:30– Ghostly Photographs – FOL sponsored

10/26 @ 3:00 – “Meet the Author” – Nancy McMillan-

March Farm: Season by Season on a Connecticut Family Farm

11/ 3 @ 5:30   Tips & Tricks of Computing

11/8 @ 2:00 – Art Show Opening: Liz Alpert Fay & Kimberly Day Proctor exhibit

11/9 @ 3:00 “Meet the Author” – George Feifer with illustrator– Billy Steers –

“Great Garlic: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Spiciest Spice”

Additional programs in the planning process:

It was noted that a program regarding the College Admissions Process will be held in January.

Personnel – Special Meeting planned for December 1, 2014. This will be an executive session discussion. The meeting time is to be determined

Volunteers - N/A



Update on Strategic Planning process tabled

Updates on the Hodge Library 

    Hodge maintenance: The plans for the Hodge maintenance were briefly discussed.

    Future events planned for Hodge: It was agreed that each program to be held at the Hodge should have individual approval by the Library BoT. It was confirmed that the Rug Talk would be a one day event to be held on December 14, 2014.

A motion was made to approve the Turkish Rug Talk and Sale at the Hodge. By Mari Frohne, seconded by Tim Beard and carried unanimously.

Discussion of installation of last few 11 x 11 pavers: It was noted that the installation of the last couple pavers prior to winter is being coordinated.

Review of September 8, 2014 letter to the Conservation Commission: Pam Southworth reported on the feedback received from the BoT’s letter to the Conservation Commission dated 9/8/14.                                                                                                                                   


Future planning of Frasier McCann Concerts: It was agreed that the conversation regarding to the planning of this event and its purpose should be deferred until more Board members can be present.

Discussion of Franklin McCanns recent contribution: It was agreed that Mr. McCann’s recent contribution should be assigned to something lasting such as the Contemplation Garden.

A motion was made to assign Franklin McCann’s recent contribution to the Contemplation Garden. By Pam Southworth, seconded by Tim Beard and carried unanimously.

Discussion of the Renewal Agreement for Mountains Alexander Calder sculpture: Joan Stracks reported that the Foundation has agreed to renew the contract for the “Mountains” sculpture until 2017. The original contract was signed by Barbara Henry.

Review of Calder Foundation insurance questionnaire: A questionnaire was received as part of the new contract,  for which the questions were not applicable. Joan Stracks agreed to discuss this further with the Foundation.

November Library Board Elections- Nominating Committee:

Mari Frone nominated the current slate of officers for 2015. The nomination was seconded by Meg Mongin.


A motion was made to elect Tim Beard as Chair, Cynthia Newby as Treasurer, Pamela Southworth as Secretary and Mari Frohne as Chair of Hodge Memorial Library & Museum. Motion by Meg Mongin, seconded by Joan Stracks and carried unanimously.


Staff Appreciation 

The Board agreed that wonderful feedback regarding last year’s staff appreciation luncheon was received and it would be a good idea to plan a similar luncheon this year. The details of this luncheon will be discussed at the next regular meeting.


A motion was made to plan a staff appreciation luncheon for 2015. By Mari Frohne, seconded by Joan Stracks and carried unanimously.





2015 Regular Meeting Schedule of the Libary BoT

A draft 2015 meeting schedule was distributed and reviewed.

A motion was made to accept the 2015 Library BoT Meeting Schedule as presented. By Pam Southworth, seconded by Joan Stracks and carried unanimously.



A motion was made to adjourn at 6:14 P.M. by Mari Frohne, seconded by Pam Southworth and carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Tai Kern

Tai Kern, Secretary










































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