Library Board

Membership to the Library Board is by Town election. The Board consists of nine members, and elections are held every other year. Board members are elected to a term of six years and three members are elected at a time.

The current Board members are:

Timothy Beard, Chair
Cynthia Newby, Treasurer
Pamela Southworth, Secretary

Kerri Arsenault
George Feifer
Mari Frohne
Jeff Krizan
Meg Mongin
David Sherman
Joan Stracks

Minutes of the Meeting of the Library Board of Trustees – February 10,2014–These Minutes were approved at the March 10, 2014 meeting of the Board. 

February 10, 2014

Timothy Beard, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 5:00 P. M.
Board of Trustees Present: Tim Beard, Meg Mongin, Pam Southworth, Mari Frohne, Cynthia Newby, Kerri Arsenault, Jeff Krizan, and George Feifer
Library Director: Valerie Annis
Others Present: John Long of Connecticut Community Foundation

Secretary’s Report – Minutes of  Meeting – January 13, 2014
A motion was made to approve the minutes of the 1/13/14 meeting by Cynthia Newby. The motion was seconded by Pamela Southworth and carried unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report – January, 2014
The Treasurer's Report was reviewed. Cynthia Newby explained that once the endowment hit the one million dollar mark, the Library was given life access to that fee structure.
Director’s Report – January, 2014
The Director's report was distributed and reviewed.                  
Friends of the Library Report – Meeting – January 27, 2014
Valerie Annis reported that the book sale is scheduled June 20 thru 22. The annual meeting will be 2/24 at 5:30 p.m. The Friends are looking for new programs that they can sponsor.

Discussion of Library’s Strategic Plan: presentation by John Long from Connecticut Community Foundation.
The members welcomed Mr. Long who distributed a NAI handout describing what is a strategic plan, the payoff and terms. He discussed the usefulness of surveys and reviewed the strategic planning process. He suggested the use of a facilitator who is not a member of the group. The "placemat method" was discussed and an example was distributed. This method allows for the plan in one place for easy reference. He explained that this does not have to be an extensive huge document. A three year plan should be followed up upon after 18 months. 
Cynthia Newby discussed the overlapping responsibilities of such groups as the Friends, schools and Senior Center and noted that a facilitator may be helpful. Kerri Arsenault agreed and highlighted the importance of communication.
George Feifer commented that without diminishing the importance of procedure, he feels it is most important to get to the essence of what the Library should be doing. Cynthia Newby suggested doing some background work and then reaching out to experts to build a knowledge base. 
Jeff Krizan distributed and reviewed his memo dated 2/10/14 entitled "Fundamentals of Library Strategic Planning". 

Art Committee                
Update on Mary Ellen Furse & Jan Grody Exhibit "Familiar Places": The opening had a great turnout. At least 16 pieces have been sold to date.
Opening of Nick Thigpen and Russell Carson exhibit entitled "Elemental" – Sat. March 8th 2-4 p.m.
Building & Grounds                             
Review of window frame repair estimate: Pam Southworth obtained a quote of $4,447.
Review of basement door replacement estimate: The estimate came in at $2,673. Both the window frame repair and basement door replacement costs have been included in next year's request for Capital budget. `
Discussion and approval of carpet cleaning: The estimate is $1,800 to have the carpet in the entire facility cleaned. It has been advised that the carpet has several years of more life.
A motion was made by Pam Southworth to expend $1,800 to have the Library carpets cleaned. The motion was seconded by Mari Frohne and carried unanimously.
Discussion of replacement of hornbeams trees and turf in Contemplation Garden: Cynthia Newby reported that 5 hornbeams have been compromised. David Gardner has provided a quote of $6,000 to purchase and install 5 hornbeams. Kerri Arnsenault noted that she felt this price is expensive.
A motion was made by Mari Frohne to purchase and install 5 hornbeams in the amount of $6,000 from Contemplation Garden fund. The motion was seconded by Meg Mongin and carried. Arsenault opposed.
Cynthia Newby noted that the lawn in the Contemplation Garden is in need of work. The use of turf or ground cover was discussed. 
Boiler room ceiling repair: Valerie Annis agreed to set up an appointment with the HVAC repairman to repair the drywall. 
Bathroom repairs completed.
"Silent Watchman" device installed at Hodge: It was explained that there is a candle in the window of the Hodge, which will go on if the heat goes down past a certain degree.
Maintenance of stone edging around building: This will be discussed further at a later date. There may be a group of Board volunteers willing to take care of this.
Lighting and signage for Calder sculpture: Two quotes have been requested; one for the solar example Cynthia Newby provided and one with use of a trench.    
By-laws & Policies: N/A
Fundraising Report – January, 2014: Distributed and reviewed. It was noted that they are $6,000 over target.
March 10, 2014 – Presentation by Joe Pucci from Bernstein Investment
Update on FY 2014-2015 proposed budget: The proposed budget has been submitted to Town Hall for review.
Explanation of final capital request submitted with FY 2014 -2015 budget: The basement door, window frame repair and painting have been requested in the upcoming budget as Capital Expenditures.
"Town Wants to Know" – KNOW THE SCORE: How Green Is Your State Legislator? – Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. with Margaret Miner: Art O'Neill and Barbara Henry will be present for this program.
Update on "Computing-Tips and Tricks" – next meeting : 3-3-14: February's meeting was cancelled due to snow. The program will continue to run the first Monday of each month.
Update on Alexander Calder Program – tentatively scheduled for April, 2014: Calder is to provide information regarding the plaque. The Board will share information learned regarding the lighting once the quotes come back. Restoration is being looked into.
Plan for gardening program – Kathy Diemer, presenter: In this program scheduled for May 18th Kathy Diemer will discuss local gardens to visit. Cynthia Newby will contact the Bridgewater / Roxbury Garden Club regarding co-sponsoring this program. 
"Meet the Author" program with Josh Weil – Sunday, August 10, 2014: Kerri Arsenault read Mr. Weil's bio. Valerie Annis agreed to contact the Hickory Stick regarding the sale of his books at this program.
"Heart & Soul" – Annual Frasier McCann concert – August 24, 2014: Pam Southworth reported that the contract has been signed by Heart & Soul.
Plans for 20th Anniversary celebration – August 24, 2014: This proposal has been discussed with Barbara Henry who agreed to participate.
Personnel – Update on interviews for new Adult Programmer position: Valerie Annis reported that the first two interviews went well and two more are scheduled for this week.
Volunteers: Valerie Annis noted that the Library could not operate without all of its wonderful volunteers.

Update on “Commemorative Walkway”: A new paver has been received.
Progress on new granite bench in memory of Southworth family: tabled
Discussion of the use of the Hodge Library: The new Adult Programmer will help to plan future programs at the Hodge, once hired.

Other Business as may come before the Board
Mari Frohne noted that Georgette Miller created art with some of the thin slate off of the Hodge roof and has offered to sell it at the book sale to profit the Library. Valerie Annis noted that this should be discussed with the Friends Board.

A motion was made to adjourn at 6:45  P.M. by Mari Frohne, seconded by Pam Southworth and carried unanimously.

       Respectfully submitted,
       Tai Kern
       Tai Kern, Secretary












































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