Book Group

Monday, April 10th, 5:30pm

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk by Keli Estes has the stories of two young women unfold in a house on Orcas Island, Washington.  The story starts in the late 1880s with Mei Lein, a young Chinese girl living in Seattle at the time of the anti-Chinese movement, being put on a steamer ship supposedly bound for China.  The story then turns to Inara Erickson, a recent college graduate, who is exploring her deceased aunt’s island estate when she finds an elaborately stitched piece of fabric hidden in a stair tread.  As she investigates the secrets the cloth holds, Inara’s life becomes interwoven with that of Mei Lein, uncovering a tragic truth that will shake her family and force her to make an impossible choice.

The mystery is intertwined with the history of Seattle and Orcas Island, part of the San Juan chain of islands at the tip of Washington state.  Many believe that the aunt’s Rothesay estate is based on the actual Rosario Hotel on Orcas Island.

Join us to find out how two main characters, separated by a hundred years, end up being connected by fate, a hotel, and an embroidered sleeve of silk