The Minor Memorial Annual Fund Drive


Dear Library Supporters,

This year has been one of reflection and planning for the staff and Board here at the Roxbury Public Library. The outlook for library support on both the state and federal level isn’t promising. However, it is in these difficult times that library services are more important than ever. Our computers and Wi-Fi help people stay connected and search for employment when they are unable to do so at home. Our online resources such as allow our patrons to learn new skills and enhance their resumes.  And when you just need to escape, our books and movies can provide the transport. While we anticipate cuts to some of our long-standing library services, the staff and I still like to think of ourselves as “the little library that could.” One library patron recently said “We, as a community, built this library. I am glad to see it serving us well.” Whether it’s borrowing a rare book from the Library of Congress, or giving your child the chance to exert some creative energy after school, we strive to take the extra step so that everyone in Roxbury can be proud to say “that’s my library.”

Teresa Roxburgh, Library Director



We Need Your Help

State and federal budget cuts have reached a critical level for public libraries. Several library services are on the verge of disappearing including our state-wide delivery system, access to research databases, and the ability of public libraries to bargain for better prices on books and other materials. As the principal public library of Roxbury we receive generous funding from the Town as well as the Friends of the Library (who provide funding specifically for library books, movies, and programs for all ages), but we need to fortify those funds to make our 2017/2018 budget.

Over the last year the Library Board of Trustees has developed a Strategic Plan to guide the library into the year 2020. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts with us. We have already begun implementing some of your suggestions including increased technology training, a more diverse calendar of programming for all ages, and expanded publicity. And, as always, we endeavor to continually improve and adapt to the needs of the community.

On behalf of everyone on the Library staff and Board of Trustees, we thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Your donation will enable us to meet our operating expenses, to offer more programs and resources, and to improve and adapt in a changing world.

Please give as generously as you can, using the enclosed donation card and envelope, or visit our website at where you can conveniently donate online with a credit card.

~Cynthia Newby, Chairwoman, on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Roxbury Public Library

Jeff Bennett, Mark Cohagen, Ciara Gorglione, Alan Johnson, Kathleen Keefe, Mary Schinke, Pamela Southworth, Joan Stracks



  • 51% from the Town of Roxbury. This year’s contribution is $115,100.20% interest from Endowment and Savings Funds. The Library’s Endowment/Savings funds are conservatively managed by Bernstein Investment Research and Management, part of Alliance Capital Management.
  • 7% from the Friends of the Roxbury Library. The Friends are a separate non-profit entity, organized and run by energetic and committed community members. The Friends of the Roxbury Library send out an annual membership letter and host the annual book sale at the Hodge. The funds they raise are used to purchase the books and movies that fill the library’s shelves as well as on programs for adults and children.
  • 4% from the Booth Free School Grant.
  • Generous contributions of time from our volunteers. Our library is a better place because of their efforts.

The remaining 18% of the budget comes from this annual fund drive as well as art show commissions. Your contributions to this portion of the budget are crucial to the life of the Library.




  • 62% payroll including a full time Director, part time staff, and an outside bookkeeper.
  • 13% on maintenance and utilities
  • 8% on automation services
  • 7% on circulation materials (mostly funded by the Friends of the Roxbury Library)
  • 7% on miscellaneous costs (cost of fundraising, business expenses, computer equipment)
  • 2% on programs for adults and children
  • 1% internet, phones, fax, etc.



About 40% of Roxbury residents are card holders and are able to take advantage of the Library’s collection of over 42,000 items, an online library that includes access and over 10,000 e-books, and access to materials from across the state!

Visit our website ( or come in to learn more about what the library has to offer you. From museum passes, the latest books and movies, to programs for children and adults, there is something for everyone. Last year we hosted over 200 programs and had over 15,000 visitors walk through our doors. If you haven’t visited the library in a while, stop in and see what’s new!


Thank You for your support!